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20 August, 2010

MURDER is a study system.

  • Set a positive mood for yourself to study in
  • Select the appropriate time,environment and attitude

  • Mark any information you don't understand in a particular unit
  • Keep a focus on one unit or a manageable gropu of exercices

  • After studying the unit,stop and put what you have learned into your own words
  • Go back to what you did not understand and reconsider the information
  • Contact external expert sources(e.g., other books or an instructor) if you still cannot understand it


In this step,ask three kinds of questions concerning the studied material:
  • 1. If I could speak to the author, what questions would I ask or what criticism would I offer?
  • 2. How could I apply this material to what I'm interested in?
  • 3. How could I make this information interesting and understandable to other students?

  • Go over the material you've covered,
  • Remember what strategies helped you understand and/or retain information
  • Apply these strategies to your future studying
memandangkan bdk2 uia sekarang musim midterm.aku terjumpa artikel pasal study..hope kawan2 aku boley amik tips2 ni yea supaya kita maju dimasa depan!
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