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22 April, 2015

My First Full Marathon!

I started my run, back in 2012. Ever since then, I had made a point to join marathon every month. 
I started my Half Marathon last year in Standard Charted KL run in 2014 and 2XU 2014. 

Many had told me that I couldn't finish a Full Marathon. But today, I had proven them all wrong. I might be fat, but I could finish the Full Marathon, even is 1 hour behind the cut-off time, but I proven them wrong. 

After the 30km, every step, every km is a very challenging. Even there is so much tempting that I could just give up, but my mind was strong enough to convince myself to carry on. 

Thanks to my friend, where never give up on me and encouraging me to go beyond my limit, I am now very proudly to announce to everyone that we are a marathoner officially.

*ps: My legs feel like doesn't belong to me anymore, back pain and etc. I guess this is a price that I'm willing to pay.

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